Derma Nytril Blex: excellent performance and durability over time

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The Derma Nytril Blex gloves, characterized by high thickness and a design focused on protection, stand out as the predominant choice for many professional environments.

The black color and 30 cm length make them suitable for a wide range of applications, ensuring practical and functional elegance.

The distinctive micro-rough texture on the fingers provides a secure grip, while the reinforced cuff with a strap-saving system ensures reliable and comfortable fit.

Without latex and phthalates, these gloves mitigate the risk of allergic reactions related to natural rubber latex proteins, ensuring uncompromised protection.

With superior thickness and high resistance, Derma Nytril Blex disposable nitrile gloves are the ideal choice for professionals in sectors such as auto repair shops, body shops, mechanical industries, and laboratories.