Derma Nytril Soft Nero: high-quality nitrile gloves

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Ideal solution for ensuring Protection and Comfort during your daily work activities.

Derma Nytril Soft Black gloves are powder-free, non-sterile, and provide secure protection without the use of latex or phthalates. This makes them suitable even for individuals with sensitivities or allergies.

They are ambidextrous and disposable, offering convenience and practicality for use. Their stylish black color not only makes them eye-catching but also provides a soft feel on the skin.

The micro-textured surface provides a secure grip and improved tactile sensation. With a length of 24 cm and a palm thickness of 0.08 mm, these gloves offer adequate coverage and reliable protection.

Watch the video to learn about the applications of Derma Nytril Soft Black.